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Cleaning 'Em Up

Got Stains?

We can take care of that with an Acid Wash.

Pools are not like cars you can park in the garage and forget about. Pools have to be maintained even when they aren’t used—and they have to be maintained correctly or there will be problems. Part of maintaining a pool is draining the water and giving it an acid wash. That’s because over time water get hard and pools get stained.


Pool water becomes HARD because of the calcium and other minerals in the water. The sun evaporates pool water, but it doesn’t take the minerals (can’t blame it) and when we add water, there are minerals in the water so over time the pool water gets harder and harder. When pool water gets hard, the chemicals don’t work as well and the water isn’t as clear. That’s why pools have to be drained and refilled with fresh water—or at least FRESHER water with fewer minerals because the water on the west coast is hard. That’s why soft water companies are in business that give people soft water.


Pools get STAINED over time because pool chemicals remove some of the copper from the plumbing and deposit it on the pool plaster. The stains are either turquoise, black, or a combination of the two. The object is to minimize staining by knowing how much chemicals to use and how to get them in the pool. Acid washes remove stains by taking off a small amount of plaster and exposing fresh plaster. If acid washes are not done every several years the stains go deeper into the plaster and fewer stains can be removed. If acid washes aren’t done correctly, too much plaster could be removed and the plaster becomes rough. Rough plaster looks bad, traps dirt and algae, and cuts swimmer’s feet. We’ve done hundreds of acid washes, and know how to do them right.


This pool shows how effective an acid wash can be at getting rid of stains.

Pool before acid wash
Pool after acid wash

An acid wash has these pools looking like new again. White plaster, fresh water, and the best chemicals make an AWESOME LOOKING pool!

When WHITE plaster pools get stained they get DARKER, and acid washes make them WHITER, as you just saw. BUT when DARK plaster pools get stained they get LIGHTER, and acid washes make them DARKER. In other words, an acid wash brings the pool back to its original color. The picture below shows what an acid wash can do for a dark plastered pool.

This pool is light brown, but it is more light than dark, so an acid wash made the plaster slightly lighter and the color more uniform.

Got Algae?

We can take care of that with a combination of both an acid wash and a chlorine wash.

If pools are not taken care of they will get algae. That does not mean people who get algae in their pools are bad people. Things happen. People have health issues, move out before the new owners move in and start taking care of the pool, get busy doing more important things, don’t understand what they need to do to maintain their pool, or were given bad advice from a local pool store. Most pools that have algae also have some stains so we do an acid wash and a chlorine on most pools that have algae—and the results are often stunning as you can see in the following pictures!

This pool has been painted blue, but the algae makes it green which is never a good color for a pool. You can see what a difference an acid wash makes. The end result is a REALLY BLUE pool!

Some pools are a lot worse. Sometimes, you cannot even see the first step!

Different pools—same results!

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