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What’s wrong with this pool?

What's wrong with this pool?

Nothing right now! It looks great. What’s wrong is it doesn’t have a pool cleaner,
and in a few days it will look like this.

What's wrong with this pool?

There are four things the pools on the home page all have in common.


(1) They are all pools we service.

(2) They all have a pool cleaner we provide and maintain.

(3) They look as clear and clean as they look in the pictures pretty much all the time.

(4) The motor is set to run on average about three hours a day year around which saves customers a lot of money on electricity and extends the life of the pool equipment, which saves even more money.



 Our service INCLUDES a pool cleaner.



We provide a top of the line pool cleaner with pool service. That’s $500 you don’t have to spend right off the bat—and we maintain it! If it stops working we either fix it on the spot or put in a new one so the pool will continue being cleaned. That’s another savings because pool cleaners are expensive to repair. When pool owners buy pool cleaners, this is where they usually end up.

Pool cleaner
Pool cleaner

Let’s talk about your electric bill.

The biggest expense of owning a pool is the electricity to run it. It is recommended pool motors run 8 hours a day in the Spring and Summer for an average size residential pool. Every hour they run costs around $20 a month in electricity, which would be $160, although a lot depends on the type and size of the motor. For example, if you have an average size pool, your pool timer should look something like this:

Time clock set to 8 hours

If we can reduce the time your pool motor runs, we reduce your overall cost of owning a pool—and we normally can because of the chemicals we use—AND we guarantee your pool will not get algae so you have nothing to lose and nothing to worry about. The pools we service generally have time clocks that look more—

like this

Time clock set to 4 hours


Time clock set to 2 hours

or even this

Time clock set to 1 hour

Some customers can’t believe we can reduce the time the pool equipment runs this much without getting algae. Believe it! We’ve used these chemicals for over twenty year and they work. One customer told us. “I’m saving as much on my electric bill as I’m paying for pool service, so it’s like getting free pool service.”



So what does it cost?



Pool service starts at $90 a month plus chlorine tabs. We include everything else, even a pool cleaner, and we guarantee your pool will not get algae as long as everything else is in working order.


Many pool services charge less, but it comes with surprises—like a green pool—and extra charges. For example, your pool gets algae, and your pool guy says, “It happens.” It happens because he is not putting enough chemicals in the pool, which SAVES HIM MONEY, then he charges extra, which MAKES HIM MORE MONEY. Customers get extra problems, extra expenses, and a lot of time wasted listening to excuses.


Pool stores are even worse because they often sell chemicals people don’t need or don’t work because:

(1) They haven’t seen your pool so they don’t know all the facts.

(2) They have little to no experience servicing pools so they wouldn’t know all the facts they need to know anyway.

(3) They sell inferior chemicals because their customers don’t know the difference.

(4) Their main goal is to make sales, and they don’t take responsibility when their chemicals and advice don’t work because they are depending on customers to make the diagnosis.


Don’t save a few bucks on pool service so you can pay five times more on your electric bill, replace the pool equipment sooner, and have a pool that looks dirty most of the time. Look at the big picture, or the total cost of operating a pool.


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” —Ben Franklin


So what happens if I can’t save you money on electricity because your equipment has to be on longer because you have a salt water pool that needs to run longer to generate chlorine, or the pool cleaner needs to be on longer to clean up more leaves? I WILL TELL YOU. However, you will get a pool cleaner you don’t have to pay for or maintain and your won’t be charged the typical extra charges for the pool service, so it could still cost less and you get a pool that looks good all the time.


Sometimes I get calls from frustrated pool owners who say they can’t tell if their pool guy has been there. I tell them my customers tell me the same thing—BUT DIFFERENCE IS: my customers say this because their pool is clean most the time, whereas people calling me for the first time say this because their pool is dirty most of the time, and their pool guy hardly cleans the pool when he’s there. I am always there when customers need me, but they often don’t because we take care of everything. There are customers I haven’t talked to in years—AND THAT’S THE WAY THEY WANT IT! They don’t want to talk about it; they don’t want to think about it; they just a clean pool. They want the pool service to DO THEIR JOB.

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