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We also service spas. One thing we recommend for spas is draining them and replacing the water AT LEAST every six months. I try to replace the water in mine every three months—which is the spa in the first picture. However, things happen and sometimes I can’t get to it, BUT when I do I notice A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE WATER! The water feels cleaner and more refreshing. I challenge you to see if you can tell the difference too.

If you don’t replace the water, it won’t take too long until they look like this.

Fiberglass with algae

No problem. We’ll get them to look like this.

Fiberglass with algae cleaned

Here’s another example.

Fiberglass after acid wash


Most fountains can go longer before the water needs to be replaced because people are not sitting in them and sweating (and yes when you sit in a spa you’re sweating). Here are fountains we service or have serviced.


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